Published: 06 Mar 2018
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Designer Sef Farrugia, best-known for her beautiful scarves, has just released her first collection of cushions. ‘It seemed a natural progression,’ she says. ‘I am first and foremost a textile designer and although I am mostly known for working in the fashion industry, these Illustrative prints work well in other contexts.’
The whimsical prints are inspired by childhood films set in the Edwardian and Victorian era. ‘During those times, importing interiors, objects such as tiles, as well as artefacts from North Africa was quite a thing and that explains why we as Maltese can very much relate to this collection’s visuals,’ says Sef.
The cushions are made of silk satin crepe, organic cotton twill and velvet, and trims including cotton twisted rope, fringes and tassels. Sef hand-draws, makes into a collage and digitally manipulates her ideas, sending the finished design to be printed. ‘These are very much my own ideas,’ she says. And lovely ones they are too. 
The cushions are available through;