L to R in this photo: Dracaena, Succulent (on table and hanging), Spider plant, Philodendron

Why your home office needs indoor plants

Published: 16 Nov 2020
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A beautiful environment contributes positively to mental health and the home is no exception. This includes the home office and with so many of us now working from home due to Covid-19, this is now a space in which we spend a lot of time.

While many people have invested in comfortable chairs and desks to ensure good body posture and a comfortable way of sitting, far fewer of us have thought about the room around them and the negative mental effects of an office that looks drab and uninspiring.

Humans have a connection with nature  – known as biophilia – and bringing plants into the home office can make a huge difference to how you feel and your productivity. Plants are the source of the clean air we breathe and have been linked to reducing negative thoughts, improving moods, reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and increasing one’s attention span. What is good for the body is definitely good for the brain.

Plants are also a great way to take a break from your laptop and screens. Nurturing a plant for a few minutes every day forces you to rest your eyes and to focus on something that is not an unanswered email.

When choosing plants for your work space, check the level of lighting first and make sure you match your plant to the amount of light in the room.

For rooms with low-level lighting, choose plants that need low-level light such as cactus or succulents. These are also very low-maintenance and take up little to no space on one’s desk.

One of my personal favourites is the Areca Palm. This is a Miami boulevard style palm that needs bright light, but it can be bought in a tiny desk top size. I recommend the latter, so as it grows, the leaves can sway by your computer screen (and you can pretend you’re on holiday).
For those who have literally no green fingers (or time), opt for air plants. These are beautiful plants which do not even require soil, can be propped into a jar and only require a spritz of water every now and again (or when you remember).

As well as watering your plants, do also clean the leaves with a cloth and warm water to remove dust which further reduces the chances of them dying. A dead plant on your desk is definitely not a mood enhancer.