Home Is Where The Heart Is

The saying ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ surely applies to this homeowner. Her last home, an enormous apartment, was in a luxury development where one walked in and was instantly wowed by the high-end luxe that oozed sleek sophistication. ‘But it never felt like home,’ she says.
The beginning of this year saw a ‘360-degree change’ in her life. She moved out of the luxury apartment and bought this two-floor duplex maisonette which she has spent the last few months decorating. It is a world away from her last space with bold wall treatments and distinctive furniture. ‘But this is a home that reflects me,’ she says. ‘It has the “Ah factor” rather than the “Wow factor”, and that is what I was after.’
She bought the apartment brand new, and liked it for its abundance of light and the countryside views from the roof terrace. ‘But it’s less than half the size of what I used to live in, so I needed to be careful how I used colour so it didn’t look small,’ she says.
To give herself more space, she closed off the balcony that leads from the living room, effectively extending the living room and creating an area that’s now a beautifully bright place to relax, with a view of the sky above. ‘As I have the roof terrace, I knew I wouldn’t miss the balcony, and it has made a real difference to the interior,’ she says.
The stand-out feature of the apartment, however, is the mural that spans one wall. ‘I saw it in a magazine, and it just fascinated me, and I had to have it,’ she says. ‘Because of it, I had to change the colour scheme I had planned and the furniture I had ordered.’
But it was worth it, the large-scale pattern of tropical plants and flowers giving the apartment real personality and warmth. The greenery is picked up throughout the space with indoor plants for a verdant feel throughout.
‘To complement it, I have kept the rest of the decor with an earthy feel,’ says the homeowner. ‘The
carpets are a natural fibre and the coffee table, my favourite furniture piece, is made from the stump of a tree.’
It all comes together to create a wonderfully comfortable home, that’s especially cosy at Christmas.
‘This place reminds me of the home I grew up in,’ says the homeowner. ‘I really enjoy living here – unlike where I last lived, I use every space, and I always look forward to coming home.’