Starting Over

The owners of this house had a choice – sell up and move, or redesign the home where they had been living for the past 30 years and in doing so starting over to transform it into a contemporary space that reflected their current way of living. The house was dated, and as their children were older now, the clients’ felt the house should adjust to these changes too,’ says Paul Camilleri of the camilleriparismode Design Team who were brought in to carry out the work.
The work concentrated on the ground floor, which was reconfigured with walls partially removed to open the space up and improve the flow. The advantage is bringing a sense of the outside into the house, the garden now seen from the main living areas. ‘The wife is very into her garden, but until now, it was not incorporated into the space,’ says Paul.
The fireplace was moved to a more central location, between the living living room and dining area, allowing its effect to be felt throughout. Set into a smart set of shelving, it has a clean, uncluttered look which is in keeping with the rest of the design.
The kitchen, now seen from the living and dining space, needed to work with these areas which it does beautifully, thanks to the clean lines of the units which also offer plenty of storage for keeping the look streamlined.
The hallway was also given a make-over. ‘The original railings felt very heavy, so they were removed and replaced with a more modern design which still works well with the marble stairs,’ says Paul. Storage, the modern must-have, was also added along with a cloakroom. ‘The space has a much more welcoming feel now,’ says Paul.
When choosing the colour palette, camilleriparismode stepped away from the grey and often preferred shade. ‘We chose something warmer, a more Mediterranean palette, and one that is more natural with blues and greens,’ says Paul. ‘It creates a clean, fresh feel and accentuates the connection between the inside and out.
New stone-coloured flooring was installed, the shade similar to that of the walls for a continuous feel that accentuates the sense of spaciousness. And while much of the furniture is in darker hues for an elegant feel, they are lifted by the jewel tones of the blues and greens.
The new-look has been a resounding success. ‘It is functional, but it looks good and reflects life today,’ says Paul. The perfect combination.