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Creative Thinking

This apartment is just 50 square metres but has been expertly transformed into a chic and comfortable home for two


Natural materials, a commanding use of space plus dramatic focal points make for an unforgettable home

Life in the sky

Almost every facet of this apartment, from the walls to the dining table, was designed and crafted by its owner…


Architect Chris Briffa’s home is an inspiring and invigorating mix of traditional and modern, created over time and still changing...


Two adjacent houses, similar in style and layout create an elegant yet contained model of contemporary mediterranean living

Eclectic Dreams

One woman’s vision has brought a derelict house back to life, the much-loved home now a comfortable melange of old…


From the bare white walls to the smooth concrete floors and pared back staircase, this apartment is a showcase for…

A Long Story

This apartment came with one huge challenge – an elongated shape that needed smart thinking to turn it into modern,…

infinite views

It took many months of hard work to return this old house back to its original stature - but it…