Alain Gilles’s latest collections for Bonaldo at Form

Published: 12 Mar 2018

Brussels designer Alain Gilles’s inspiration for his latest collections for Italian brand Bonaldo is certainly diverse. For the Eddy lounge chair he looked to the world of cycling. Named after the famed Belgian cyclist Eddy Merckx, the chair incorporates a tubular metal frame that is reminiscent of the A-frame of vintage competition bikes. And as with bicycles, elements of the chair can be customised including the head rest, leather side pockets that hang off the arm rests like bicycle saddle bags, a cushion and a plaid blanket. The chair is designed so the cushion and blanket can be rolled up and tucked into the back of the chair frame when not in use.
For the Assemblage side tables, the designer thought of a child’s game. Using cork as a light-weight base, the table can be assembled in different ways, each piece placed on top of the other and fastened using a long bolt that runs internally through the table. In using cork as the base, he also sought to reverse the usual structure of a table, where the lighter material is at the bottom. ‘It is an assemblage of two materials that have been turned, the cork and the wood, but that has a very different finish – as if they were two entities not made to be matched together,’ he says. Bonaldo is available at Form.