Sleep in Style

Published: 12 Aug 2020

Bedrooms need to be spaces for rest and relaxation. These have very different looks but all create a lovely restful room. Here’s some inspiration:

Bedroom Bureaux House Ferguson - Sleep in Style
Touch Wood

Painted brick walls keep things light but textured which gives a warmer feel than plain walls. Adding further tactility and warmth is the bespoke wooden unit that also defines the bed area. In the same wood as the floor, it segues together for a streamlined look while the cantilevered bedside table in white lacquer keeps things sleek, the white tying in with the wall

Bedroom - Bureaux House Irvine - Sleep in Style
A Grey Area

Done in a palette of greys, the room feels less cool and stark thanks to the paint effect wallpaper that gives the impression of texture as well as adding visual interest and picking up the light that flows in through the windows. The bedlinen in a dark but warm shade of grey is lifted by white pillows and throw. The dark wood of the palettes is picked up in the mirror

Bedroom - Bureaux House Lorentz - Sleep in Style
Eclectic Mix

A padded headboard instantly gives this bedroom a luxurious feel, the mood accentuated by the statement vintage pendant lights that were sourced in France. Adding colour is an Indian quilt and decorative pillow, and though both clash with the stripes of the rug, the similar palette holds it all together

Bedroom - Bureaux House Morris - Sleep in Style
In The Frame

Concrete ceilings and flamed granite floors are the backdrop to a modern style wooden four-poster bed and sisal rug for a stylish mix of industrial and organic. The table lamps are a lovely quirky touch

Bedroom Inspiration - Sleep in style
Blue Mood

Beautiful shades of blue create a calming vibe and the oversized artwork, in similarly tranquil shades with just a smidgen of bright yellow, is a chic way of adding character.